Form a mental image of; imagine.

Begin (a course of action, especially one that is important or demanding).

Become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly.

To undergo change or development; begin to be

Career Exploration and Technology Program

We offer students career exposure, through job shadowing, hands-on training, assessments and evaluations, and various developmental skills. The goal is to provide hands-on individualized training, combined with real-life experience and career knowledge, so each student can confidently make an informed career decision.

Why Choose Project VERB?

The purpose of Project VERB is to assist, guide, and provide the tools each student needs along their journey to finding their ideal career, while at the same time avoiding the following national problems:


Wrong Career Path

According to, 99% of people chose the wrong career path because they did not have all the information they needed to make the right choice. (Source


Student Debt

An estimated 75-85% of college students in the US change their majors at least once. (Source Huffington post

According to US News, switching majors, insufficient academic counseling, and choosing courses that do not go toward one’s chosen major magnify student loan debt.  (Source US News)

2 / 3

Career Satisfaction

2 out of 3 working Americans are not happy with their career choice because they do not feel engaged and the work they do is not interesting or fulfilling. (Source