About Project VERB

We are a nonprofit organization that focuses on skills development, technology, career exploration, and college planning. We offer valuable learning opportunities, with hands-on activities that go beyond what is being offered in schools. We want our students to gain the knowledge needed to be successful in their personal and professional lives. Project VERB was created to bridge the learning and opportunity gaps that exist in our communities. Providing our students with a level playing field will ensure that they will be more prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an individualized approach to career exploration via hands-on training, mentoring, real-life application of skills, and a fluid curriculum catered to each individual; ultimately creating a blueprint for success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of career exploration, planning, and skills development.

Special Thanks!

Project VERB would like to thank, The Lord Jesus Christ Church and its members for allowing us to run our program in their space. If you would like more information about the church, please visit LJCChurch.com

Meet Our Team

Von Sayavong

Founder / CEO

Cheri Sayavong

Program Director / Co-CEO

Ciara Perez

Senior Executive Assistant

Forlefac Fontem

Coding Instructor / Technology Coordinator

Jerry Ta

Robotics Instructor / Engineering Coordinator

Peter Gyimah

Robotics Instructor / Engineering Coordinator

Ahmir Robinson

Coding Instructor / Co-Technology Coordinator

Chukwudinyelu Nwagu

Coding Instructor / Technology Coordinator