Career Exploration

Students will engage in college and career research and exploration.

Academic Research & Planning

With academic research and planning, students will determine which college is best suited for their career choice. They will explore the cost, degree choices, how many credit hours are needed to graduate, internship availability, and job placement opportunities.

Career Exploration

Through career assessment, personality evaluations and research, students will explore the best career suited for them. They will be looking at everything from compatibility, hiring and salary trends, time commitment and financial investments. Students will be equipped to make informed career choices.

Mentoring and Job Shadowing

Providing mentoring is an important part of career exploration and exposure. At Project VERB, students will be partnered with a mentor in their field/career of interest to provide guidance, and invaluable information, and to serve as a resource. Mentors will work closely with Project VERB coordinators to provide opportunities for career immersion via job shadowing and internships, as well as onsite visits and college exploration.

Developmental Skills

We want our students to be well-rounded professionally and in their personal lives, so we offer various skills development courses to aid in their development.


Developing communication skills will assist in all aspects of the student’s personal life, and professional career. They will learn how to communicate verbally, and through written language.

Time Management & Organization

Good organizational and time management skills are essential for both life, and the workplace. We will equip students with the time management and organizational skills needed to be effective in all aspects of life.

Financial Literacy

We will teach students the importance of financial literacy. They will learn about things such as student loans, banking, investing, and other important financial skills.

Leadership Skills

Students will develop effective leadership skills and learn the benefits of collaboration, decision-making, responsibility, teamwork, and more.